L-ACOUSTICS unveils new subwoofer

L-ACOUSTICS recently unveiled its compact SB15P subwoofer designed to serve as a companion low-frequency device for the company's new P Series (108P and 112P) self-powered coaxial loudspeakers. Featuring a front-loaded 15in transducer loaded in an optimized sized/tuned vented enclosure, the SB15P pairs the convenience of self-powered performance with the benefits of digital signal processing.

The system's 15in component features elevated power handling and excursion capability along with reduced distortion and thermal power compression. This component performance, combined with the SB15P's integral power amplification and protection circuitry, enables the subwoofer to deliver SPL output and reliable operation. Furthermore, optimized tuning provides a combination of temporal accuracy, bass articulation, musicality and low-end definition that a front-loaded subwoofer can provide.

For more information, visit www.l-acoustics.com/site-US/produitsus.htm#sub.