L-Acoustics debuts compact self-powered subwoofer

The SB15P extends the low-frequency range of the new P Series loudspeakers.
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The compact SB15P subwoofer from L-Acoustics is a 15in self-powered design that pairs with the firm’s P Series loudspeakers.

L-Acoustics has unveiled its compact SB15P subwoofer designed to serve as a companion low-frequency device for the new P Series (108P and 112P) self-powered coaxial loudspeakers. Featuring a front-loaded 15in transducer loaded in an optimized sized/tuned vented enclosure, the SB15P pairs the convenience of self-powered performance with the benefits of digital signal processing.

Ideal for portable sound reinforcement or stage monitoring, the SB15P provides ‘plug-and-play’ ease of operation given its robust 1000W (continuous, 8 ohms) Class D amplifier module and dedicated onboard DSP with application-engineered presets. Features include elevated power handling and excursion capability along with reduced distortion and thermal power compression. Optimized tuning is said to provide the temporal accuracy, bass articulation, musicality and low-end definition associated with a front-loaded subwoofer design.

The compact dimensions (17.5in by 20.5in by 20.5in) and low profile of the SB15P provide a high degree of flexibility for installations where space is at a premium. Typical applications include portable distributed sound reinforcement for theaters, concert halls, conference rooms, multimedia installs and TV studio environments. Featuring an operating bandwidth of 45 to 100Hz (± 3dB­) with a useable low frequency of 40Hz (-10dB), the SB15P is also ideal for studio or nearfield monitoring, and can be used with 108P enclosures in stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 configurations. The rear panel includes two parallel XLR inputs with a rotary gain pot, PowerCon AC connectors, and four push-button controls for accessing DSP presets for crossover filtering and system EQ. Weighing just under 80lbs, the enclosure features two recessed grips on the sides for handling.

For more information, visit www.l-acoustics.com.