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Kramer Electronics introduces new twisted pair transmitter, receiver

Kramer Electronics is introducing two new products to its lineup of twisted pair products: the TP-219HD transmitter and the TP-220HD receiver/distribution amplifier. Together, these models will transmit and receive computer graphics video and HDTV video signals over twisted pair cable.

The TP-219HD is a high-performance twisted pair transmitter for computer graphics video signals with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher, as well as HDTV signals up to1080p. It takes one of two user selected inputs and converts it to a twisted pair signal. The TP-219HD includes an input select button and user adjustable sync polarity settings with H&V switches for improved HDTV compatibility. The TP-219HD can be used as a standalone switcher or as a companion component to one of Kramer’s twisted pair receivers, such as the TP-120, PT-120 or the new TP-220HD.

The TP-220HD converts a twisted pair signal back into two identical signals in the original format. The TP-220HD includes level (gain) and EQ (peaking) controls, which allows the user to adjust the signal depending on the cable length. The TP-220HD can be used as a standalone distribution amplifier or can be used with other Kramer twisted pair products, such as the TP-110 transmitter.

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