Kino Flo Debuts KF21 Travel Friendly Battery

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.—The KF21 (NiMH) battery system from Kino Flo and BlockBattery is an on-the-go system designed for Kino Flo’s line of LED lights. The KF21 works specifically for Kino Flo’s FreeStyle 31 and 21 LED DMX; Select 30 and 20 LED DMX; Diva-Lite 30 and 20 DMX; and Celeb 250 LED DMX.

The new battery features Nickle Metal-Hydrate chemistry, which is unrestricted for ground and air transport. In use, it allows for a runtime of one-plus hours at full brightness, or longer when fixtures are dimmed. The battery provides 140 W hours and a 28.8 volt output. It also has a charge time of 1.5 hours.

Additional features include adaptability to 14.4 volt applications, including A/B mount and V mount, via 2F1-ABA and 2F1-VMA adaptor mounts respectively. There is also adaptability to previous Kino Flo lighting systems through other BlockBattery adaptors and accessories.