Key Digital Systems releases new audio and video switchers

Key Digital Systems has released its KD-MSV8X8 video matrix switcher and KD-MSA8X8 audio matrix switcher. Both models are capable of switching up to eight sources to eight zones, making them suitable for audio or video systems with multiple inputs and multiple zones.

As new additions to the Fat Boy series, both the KD-MSV8X8 and KD-MSA8X8 feature plug-and-play control capabilities that simplify integration with third-party control systems.

The units accept component, composite or S-video using an optional adapter cable, and enables RGBHV mode by using two input and output sections for each RGBHV source. The KD-MSA8X8 audio matrix switcher accepts up to eight stereo analog and digital PCM sources and outputs to eight zones with a new feature that allows it to switch composite video by occupying the PCM jack.

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