Kero Products Launches MicroSuction Portable Battery

CHICAGO—Kero is launching their fourth Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the Power Annex, a compact portable battery with MicroSuction Technology. Inspired by gecko’s feet, MicroSuction Technology is a soft sheet of material that provides the ultimate removable sticking power with lifetime adhesive capabilities. The Power Annex has one full side of MicroSuction Technology applied to the device allowing the external battery to stick directly to the device needing charging freeing the user from bulky external batteries, wires and wall mount chargers.

The Power Annex has a slim profile. At 0.35 inches tall and half the width of an iPhone, the design is compact enough to fit in a pocket or affix to the surface of a device without adding weight or bulk. Capable of adding extra life to any device with a USB charging cord, the Power Annex can charge one iPhone 5 up to 75 percent power. LED flashing lights offer an indication of the amount of power available in the Power Annex and the Power Annex automatically turns off once the device is fully powered.

Kero Power Annex is available in black, will retail for $29.99 and be available for purchase in December. The Kickstarter campaign will be active through Sept. 9 with the goal of raising at least $40,000. Backers will receive special promotions including the Power Annex and Micro USB and Lightning versions of the brand’s original product, the Nomad Cable at discounts of up to 40 percent.