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KenCast unveils latest version of VazztCaster

KenCast introduced at the Streaming Media East 2011 Show May 10 a new version of its VazztCaster software program for live streaming coverage of events to viewers worldwide.

VazztCaster now includes E-commerce features, including pay-per-view and paid subscriptions.

VazztCaster can bond together multiple wireless and/or wired IP networks to get enough bandwidth to do even HD video streaming. Registered Vazzt Producers get a Vazzt Producer website on the Vazzt Internet cloud at no cost. Live video channels can be viewed directly at the user’s Vazzt website, or by hyperlink from the user’s own website.

With VazztCaster, users can set up one or more free channels on Vazzt and stream live video from events on their own channel to a limited number of viewers at no cost.