Kasenna PortalTV 2.0 offers quick entry into IPTV market

Kasenna has unveiled PortalTV 2.0, the company’s blueprint for integrated delivery of television and Internet video content.

PortalTV 2.0, built on a standards-based Web services platform, enables service providers to deploy IPTV services for immediate revenue generation while positioning them for Internet video content delivery.

The blueprint outlines a broad array of services based on Dynamic HTML, RSS and XML for delivery of Internet content using the PortalTV platform that is currently used by Cavalier Telephone, TVSierre and other carriers.

Consisting of Kasenna’s LivingRoom 2.0 IPTV middleware, MediaBase XMP video delivery platform and vFusion video network management system, PortalTV is a fast, cost-effective route to profitable IPTV services.

For more information, visit: www.kasenna.com.