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Kaltman Creations broadens spectrum alyzer, antenna products offerings

Kaltman Creations has expanded its lines of RF analyzer and antenna products with the addition of several new models of the Spectran series of RF spectrum analyzers.

The Spectran series are handheld, engineering-level spectrum analyzers that cover frequencies from 1MHz to 7GHz, with some models offering optional 10GHz peak detectors. Kaltman Creations also has expanded its line of LOG Periodic antennas to include models with frequency ranges up to 18GHz.

The Spectran series of RF analyzers can be used for channel selection, interference abatement, RF system monitoring, testing and exposure limits. The analyzers feature a large graphical display of the frequency sweep and the associated signal strength readouts, as well as three display markers that display the strongest peaks and their associated frequencies during each sweep.

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