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K-Tek Rolls Out KlassicPro Boom Poles

VISTA, Calif.—K-Tek has given its signature Klassic Boom Poles an upgrade, announcing the launch of the new KlassicPro Boom Poles model.

While keeping key features from the original like the lightweight, high-density graphite tubing, modular bases, quick-locking and quiet handling, the KlassicPro model was designed for increased interchangeability. This entails a new removable headpiece, the ability to remove or install a cable of choice.

For this new boom pole, K-Tek has also created a new coiled cable with a right angle connector. KlassicPro Cable features thicker gauge wiring and aluminum shielding, while the KlassicPro Right Angle connector is smaller, lighter, comes with a solid strain relief and made with the Neutrik connector as its base. Users can also change the connector orientation easily.

The new poles feature a more rigid and shorter collapsed length, and have added a sixth section and wider tubes to increase stiffness and improve handling balance. Updates have also been made to the pole’s locking collars, making them smoother for more subtle gradual extension of each section; the finish between the tubes has also been modified.

K-Tek is offering the KlassicPro poles in four six-section models: the 9-foot KP9, the 12-foot KP12, the 16-foot KP16 and the 20-foot KP20. Coiled cable and straight cable kits are sold separately or in a pre-configured boom pole package.