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JVC Unveils GY-HM650SC Camera

WAYNE, N.J.—As part of a new partnership with digital coaching technology provider XOS Digital, JVC has unveiled the new GY-HM650SC ProHD camera. The new camera records time of day info within the metadata to synchronize multiple cameras and biometric data collected by player tracking devices.


The GY-HM650SC features a built-in GPS capability that retrieves coordinated universal time via satellite and embeds a real-time reference within the video metadata. This allows the camera to work in collaboration with the XOS Thunder HD system for positional tracking and biometric data. The camera can also include specific metadata related to the type of play via an intuitive mobile GUI.

The GY-HM650SC also has flexible streaming capabilities that can send footage as either a stream or FTP upload via a 4G LTE connection or Wi-Fi. High-quality HD footage can be simultaneously recorded to SD cards in the camera for backup or archive purposes.

In addition, the GY-HM650SC includes all the features of the GY-HM650 mobile new camera. It also has an integrated Fujinon wide angle 23x zoom lens and three 12-bit CMOS sensors for low-light sensitivity, a built-in stereo microphone, two XLR inputs with phantom power, a shotgun mic holder, headphone jack and a separate input for a wireless mic receiver.

JVC will release the GY-HM650SC in January at a starting price of $6,795.