JVC PTZ Camera Put to Use by RiversideTV

WAYNE, N.J.—The government access channel in Riverside, Calif., has a new slate of JVC Professional Video cameras according to a press release from the company. RiversideTV has purchased 10 JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ network video production cameras over the last year for multi-camera coverage of government meetings and local programming.

In addition to coverage of government meetings, RiversideTV is using its JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ production cameras for multi-camera local programming.

The original purchase in February 2017 was for three PTZ cameras and a RM-LP100 remote camera control to cover meetings outside the city council chambers and other multi-camera productions. RiversideTV then purchased two more PTZ cameras and remote control in September 2017 for studio use. The remaining five PTZs were purchased this past January and will be permanently installed in a conference room in City Hall.

In addition, RiversideTV has purchased additional JVC gear for other projects. This includes two GY-HM200SP sports production cameras with integrated graphics for producing sports coverage without a production truck; the cameras are also being used for press conferences. The station has also acquired two GY-LS300 4KCAM Super 35 cameras housed in Zacuto rigs for ENG shoots and other projects.