JVC Debuts Portable HDV Player/Recorder

JVC recently launched the world's first portable high-definition player/recorder, the CU-VH1.

It features a 3.5-inch LCD monitor, iLink interface for non-linear editing and dubbing, component outputs for multi-format playback and an SD card slot for capturing stills from tape and transferring them to PC through a USB connection. It records and plays back MiniDV cassettes, as well as signals recorded in 720/30p (MPEG-2), 480/60p (MPEG-2) and 480/60i (DV), and adheres to the HDV format agreed upon by major consumer electronics manufacturers. Up- and down-conversion enables HD recordings to be viewed on any television or monitor. Its frame doubles 30 frames-per-second 720/30p HD recordings for viewing on progressive 720/60p analog HD monitors, or converts 480/60p or 720/30p signals to 1080/60i HD. The player/recorder also can down-convert to 480/60p or 480/60i for playback on progressive or NTSC monitors. 16:9 HD, SD or DV footage can be played in 16:9 or 4:3 letterbox modes.

The CU-VH1 is available this month for $1,999.