JVC Announces New Solid-State Media Camcorders

JVC has expanded its line of PROHD camcorders with two new professional models that store Quicktime native files onto SDHC media cards.

The GY-HM100 is being unveiled this month, and wraps are scheduled to come off of its companion, the GY-HM700 in February. Both camcorders record 35 Mbps HD video and uncompressed audio directly in Apple Quicktime file format to allow direct editing with Final Cut Pro.

The GY-HM100 is constructed with three 1/4-inch progressive scan CCD sensors, while the GY-HM700 uses 1/3-inch CCDs. Both use inexpensive and widely available SDHC storage cards as recording media. The cameras can accommodate up to 64 GB of this storage, yielding up to 6 hours of high-definition shooting. The price structure of SDHC memory is such now that storage costs are comparable with professional video tape media.

JVC claims that the GY-HM100 is the smallest professional format 3-CCD camcorder on the market. It’s about the size of the lens associated with a 2/3-inch sensor camera and can be used to shoot in places that other cameras can’t fit. To further reduce its profile, the camera’s handle is detachable.

JVC promises delivery of the GY-HM100 camcorder beginning in April, while GY-HM700 units should be in the hands of purchasers sometime in March.