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Junger Audio Introduces the V*AP Voice Processor at the 2013 NAB Show

At this year’s NAB Show, Junger Audio will introduce V*AP, a new two channel voice processor designed to make life easier for audio engineers. Designed to offer perfect control of microphone recordings, it also includes HP/LP filtering, dynamic section, full parametric EQ and de-essing.

Jünger Audio will also show its M*AP audio loudness processor, which combines an audio monitor controller and a loudness measurement device. Designed for quality checking surround (5.1) and/or stereo programs, M*AP can be used for live monitoring and to ensure compliance with today’s standards and regulations (ITU 1770/1/2/3, ATSC A85 or EBU R128). It has eight speaker outputs that allow for A/B checking of stereo compatibility of a surround downmix through alternative speakers, as well as via L/R front speakers.

The 2013 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 8-11, 2013. Junger Audio will be at booth C2333.