Joseph Electronics’ Offers New Camera Caddie Fiber Tools

NILES, ILL.—Joseph Electronics announced the availability of the new Camera Caddie-FP Series of fiber acquisition tools for use in flypacks and other portable broadcast systems.

The Caddie-FP Series is comprised of custom, portable, flypack-compatible packages thatconfigured for different types of events, such as entertainment, news, and specific sports. Base units can be configured for standalone or dual-rackmount scenarios, while the camera side can use local power or be powered over short or long distances via Lemo- or Neutrik-equipped hybrid copper/fiber cables.

The Caddie-FP Series provides one 3G/HD-SDI video signal in each direction, sync back to the camera for genlock, one line-level audio in each direction, intercom (Studio Technologies Model 37), two GPIs, and data for camera control. There are options for 4K and Ethernet as well.

Remote power options are provided by Connexion Designs and can be configured for short-range (less than 1,640 feet/500 meters) or long-range (up to 4,920 feet/1,500 meters) transmission. Remote power setups feature full safety interlock capabilities to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Every system in the Caddie-FP Series attaches to the camera with an Anton-Bauer Gold Mount.
The JE/JFS-exclusive OPTC port on all camera caddies allows operators to daisy-chain additional Caddie systems in the series on a single camera cable. All feeds and returns ride on the original camera cable and can be deployed to distances of up to six miles (10 kilometers) with local power, or up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) when powered remotely from the base station. The Caddie use Bluebell Opticom transport modules.