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Joseph Electronics Develops Single-Fiber System for FlyCam USA

NILES, ILL.—Contributing to the development of aerial-camera systems, Joseph Electronics, along with its Joseph Fiber Solutions brand, has introduced an integrated, single-fiber data transmission product for FlyCam USA. The system allows FlyCam to send data and HD video back and forth on a single fiber, allowing the second fiber to be used as a backup.

JFS Three-box single-fiber system

The three-box system includes a lightweight I/O interface box that flies with the camera, a box on the ground, and a box at the truck compound for the operator. The FlyCam can send HD send, genlock, 2-bidrectional RS data paths, and an Ethernet port signal to the ground. Signals from the ground to the truck compound add intercom and return video with a switch for full operation from the ground for troubleshooting. It also has a 1310nm “bypass” channel for additional signals to be added in the future.

With the extra cable that this system allows, FlyCam will have the ability to use bandwidth for future video formats like 4K and 8K, according to Pat Hally, co-inventor of FlyCam and founder and president of FlyCam USA. FlyCam has already been using the single-fiber system for college football coverage.