Jacksonville Jaguars Draft ChyronHego for Jumbotron Display

MELVILLE, N.Y. – The Jacksonville Jaguars are the 1st NFL team to implement ChyronHego’s Virtual 1st’s stadium jumbotron graphics package. Virtual 1st will provide animated virtual lines for first-down and line-of-scrimmage graphics on the stadium’s 8K HD LED video scoreboards to add to the in-stadium experience.

Originally designed for football broadcasters, Virtual 1st combines video overlay and sensorless camera technology to analyze game-play. This includes inserting virtual lines of scrimmage, first down lines and other animated graphics to mark down and distance. The graphics are customizable.

Virtual 1st was a part of the recent renovations to EverBank Field, the stadium of the Jaguars, creating a custom with the Daktronics software used in team’s two end-zone scoreboard/video displays. Completely automating the exchange of data between Daktronics and Virtual 1st eliminates the need for a manual operator.

The Jaguar’s installation of Virtual 1st marks the first time that the graphics package has been used outside of a traditional broadcast.

ChyronHego, a provider of broadcast graphics, is headquartered in Melville, N.Y.