IZotope ships Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced

IZotope (www.izotope.com) has released its Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced, as updates to the company's audio mastering suite.

The new software expands Ozone's feature set with individual component plug-ins, extended features and the new Ozone Meter Bridge. Ozone was designed for experts and new users, while Ozone 5 Advanced was designed to set a new industry standard that with exclusive features for mixing and mastering engineers.

Modules in Ozone 5 were updated with refined signal processing algorithms to bring a new level of mastering quality. Its user interface allows for finer control while placing important features right at the user's fingertips. New users can jump in without a steep learning curve.

Ozone 5 Advanced is equipped with extended features made specifically for mixing and mastering professionals. It allows customers to use each of the mastering modules as individual plug-ins. Combining essential visualization from Ozone's modules with new metering tools, the new Meter Bridge provides a suite of audio analysis tools that help you visualize changes made during the mastering process, troubleshoot problematic mixes and compare reference tracks.

It also provides deeper control within every module in Ozone, a variable-phase EQ, loudness maximizer modes with transient recovery and stereo link control, and mono-compatible stereo synthesis features.