Irdeto and SafeNet partner for joint CA/DRM mobile TV protection solution

Irdeto and SafeNet have entered into a partnership for mobile TV protection that will take advantage of the two main media security technologies, conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM).

For the partnership, SafeNet's DRM Fusion Toolkit4TV will be integrated into Irdeto's mobile broadcast conditional access solution, providing support for DAB, DMB, DVB-H and MBMS networks. The joint solution also supports CA using DVB-OSF and DRM using DVB-18Crypt, MBMS Security and OMA BCAST.

Through support for SimulCrypt, a part of the overall DVB standard, the joint solution enables simultaneous deployment of multiple mobile TV protection standards within a single system. This allows the system to use the OMA BCAST smart card profile with standards-enabled handsets and SIMs, and DVB-OSF with other handsets and broadcast-only devices.

Irdeto and SafeNet will also collaborate on an end-to-end OMA to DRM solution, integrating SafeNet's DRM Fusion Toolkit server solution and Irdeto's mobile DRM client solution.

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