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International Broadcasters Rely on Orad for Olympics

KFAR SABA, ISRAEL: Turkish national broadcaster TRT relied on Orad’s PlayMaker super slow-motion replay servers with Orbit real-time storage for its Olympic and major football productions. PlayMaker and Orbit provided TRT the tapeless workflow necessary for fast-paced Olympic and sports environments.

For its Olympic coverage, TRT utilized PlayMaker’s eight-channel configuration to ingest multiple satellite feeds for fast highlight editing, as well as playout craft editing of files, clips, editorials, news stories, headline sports news, and more. Clipping and logging of material for NLE environments were done in DVC Pro HD. TRT used PlayMaker’s PlayNet feature to browse through the remote server clip list and select one to preview, copy, or playback instantly. Orbit provided TRT with an additional 50 TB of real-time shared storage.

Argentina’s Torneos y Competenciasrelied on Orad’s ProSet virtual studio and 3DPlay controller for its Olympic productions. DirectTV, the official broadcaster of the Olympic Games in Latin America, broadcasted Torneos y Competencias’ production to its six Olympics-dedicated HD/SD channels. Torneos y Competencias broadcasted several times a day three different sports shows from its ProSet multi-camera virtual studio. All the graphics during the live show were powered by Orad’s 3DPlay channel branding solution and were fed with tickers from the Olympics in real time, providing a captivating production. Torneos y Competencias used Orad’s ProSet virtual studio for the 2010 World Cup.