Integrated Microwave Technologies showcases turnkey ENG vehicle

Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a digital microwave technology provider, showcased its Modular Mobile RF Platform (MMRP) broadcast ENG news vehicle at the recent Content & Communications World in New York City.

The MMRP is available in SD or HD configuration and features a full-width removable rack with 27 rack units, comfortable seating for two with a fold-down bench for editing, an integrated I/O panel, an omni/high-gain microwave antenna with pan and tilt and the availability for an in-dash 3G/4G computer system.

The MMRP’s ability to be customized to a broadcaster’s needs enables it to provide a viable solution for different size budgets and operations. IMT can transfer existing gear or provide options for SD or a full HD audio/video/RF equipment package. The compact pneumatic mast, low maintenance design and efficient workflow platform come together in a cost-effective system.

The MMRP features the Ford Transit Connect truck chassis and comes equipped with an 1800W inverter and compact Wilburt Night Scan antenna mast. The MMRP offers a flexible and efficient vehicle for today’s smaller news crews.

Available in many configurations, the MMRP works well for urban and rural environments. A shorter wheelbase and lower center of gravity contribute to the vehicle’s overall ease of maneuverability, which includes parallel parking.