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Industry Veteran improves set-up time with Telemetrics Coax Link System

Dwight Sturtevant, a veteran television producer and design engineer who has worked at virtually every major league sports venue in the country, is a big fan of the Coax Link Camera Control System from Telemetrics.

Sturtevant said the Telemetrics Coax System is reliable, quick to set up and uses standard coax cable. "There is no limitation on where to place the cameras or how much you can move them around. You just find the nearest coax drop and that's a camera location. It is design agnostic, and it doesn't matter whether the cable run is 50ft or 500ft."

It was while working as a production engineer for a satellite uplink provider that Sturtevant first used the Telemetrics Coax System at the old Yankee Stadium. Set-ups were usually done the morning of the game using the Telemetrics Coax System and a few cameras. The cameras could be hooked up in the press box, locker room or almost anywhere in the stadium, and moving them around during the production made it look like they were using more cameras than there actually were and gave the feel of a larger production.

At the various sports venues, he'd pull into the truck bay, hook up to the pedestal and then at any coax connection throughout the facility. The camera operator could hook up with a short coax cable between connection in the stadium and camera and he is ready for the show.

He said that without the Telemetrics system, if the venue wasn't pre-wired it took him more than a day to pre-cable and they were stuck with those positions and couldn't move the cameras around. They would have to do home runs with the cables back to the production platform, which limited flexibility.

The Telemetrics Coax Link Camera Control system is comprised of the 55C Coax Link, 55C-BS Coax Link Base Station and the 55C-CA Camera Adapter. The system uses frequency multiplexing for signal transmission and the single cable connection between the base station and camera adapter provides optimum ease of use.

The Coax System eliminates the need for video equalizers, frame synchronizers, intercom adapters, microphone phantom power and remote power supplies. In addition, users of the system can ensure error-free transmission by adjusting bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio on the cameras. Additional options are available for pan/tilt control, nondocking adapters and HD fiber applications.