IMT launches COFDM receive system

Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) introduced at the 2011 NAB Show its new Nucomm 12-Way Passive Tracker COFDM receive system.

The 12-Way Passive Tracker receive system is an autonomous COFDM central receive system designed to simplify mobile-to-fixed and mobile-to-mobile signal acquisition.

The Passive Tracker addresses the need to provide fully autonomous central receive site operation while improving overall system performance. The system consists of an array of antennas, adaptive digital signal processing and maximum ratio combining techniques. When combined, the system provides significant improvement in workflow management.

The Passive Tracker receive system addresses the general complaints that aerial video links are complicated to operate and maintain, and that they are fraught with reliability problems, by requiring no user intervention, improving the area of coverage and extending reliable operation to 7GHz.