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Improvements help remove flaws in archived film with da Vinci Revival

Da Vinci Systems has released enhanced film restoration software to help remove defects from scanned motion picture film.

Version 4.6 of da Vinci's Revival film repair and restoration system has a dirt matte tool that supports Kodak Digital Ice technology. The tool, da Vinci said, improves the accuracy of detection and correction of defects in the restoration process.

Using a technology new to the motion picture industry, the ARRISCAN film scanner employs Digital Ice algorithms to generate a defect matte along with an image during the scanning process. ARRISCAN software combines the dirt matte with the original image in a variety of embedded or separate combinations, and allows Digital Ice to then be used to correct many of the defects.

Revival's new dirt matte feature reads the DPX file with the embedded defect matte to isolate and automatically remove dirt from new or archival images, without requiring further frame-by-frame analysis, thereby saving time in the repair process.

With dirt and other defects already removed, restoration artists can proceed with Revival's automatic and manual tools to correct remaining imperfections. Artists can choose to run Revival's own automatic dirt detection and processing feature in addition to the Digital Ice matte processing when further analysis is warranted.

Revival is a complete motion picture image restoration system designed to handle tasks from major restoration to digital remastering. The system includes flicker, dust, stain, blotch, dirt and grain noise removal. With the new dirt matte feature, Revival 4.6 users can select between Revival's dirt detection and the defect matte provided with the DPX file, and then process either or both, automatically or manually.

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