I-MOVIX X10 chosen for 2012 Major Sporting Event

The new I-MOVIX X10 has been chosen for the 2012 Major Sporting Event in London to deliver ultra slow-motion replays of sporting action. The event will mark the production debut of the X10, with systems located at selected competition venues. The X10 delivers 300f/s real-time continuous streaming in 1080i HD to provide an "always on" ultra-slow motion view of the action. By supporting typical LSM workflows, the X10 gives production teams the ability to use it as a conventional HD camera without specialist training, according to I-MOVIX. Each X10 system is used with an EVS XT3 live production server, and will be deployed in mobile trucks like conventional camera systems.

Developed in partnership with EVS, the X10 is a fully broadcast-integrated solution, and includes high-speed HD camera, a camera control unit, an operational control panel and is used with an EVS XT3 production server.