Imagine Products Unveils ShotPut Pro 6

INDIANAPOLIS—The ShotPut Pro 6 from Imagine Products has gotten a facelift from its predecessor, offering a new interface, faster media offloading and additional features offering greater offload control, per the company’s press release.

The updated software now offers desktop notifications, the ability to pause and resume offloads, and the ability to cancel all or some offloads. There are also new reporting features that include the addition of detailed PDF reports with a choice of thumbnails, naming conventions, and the capability to create and nest multiple folders within that naming structure. The process of offloading multiple files to multiple locations and bundling offloads from different locations to a single destination has also been upgraded.

The newly designed interface was meant to be more intuitive for users. Features include color-coded presets that can be exported and shared with other ShotPut Pro users, and a progress window.

Imagine Products’ account-based activation system has been incorporated into the ShotPut Pro 6, allowing users to see which computers are actively using the software and manage them remotely.

ShotPut Pro 6 is currently available for Mac users, with a Windows version expected at a later date. A new license is available for $129, while existing users can upgrade for $49.