Imagine Integrates Ad-ID With Landmark Agency 5.0

DALLAS—Imagine Communications has announced that it will integrate its Landmark Agency 5.0 system with Ad-ID, the advertising industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms. With Ad-ID integration, companies can import a unique Ad-ID code into the Landmark Agency system, bringing over Ad-ID code information, advertiser commercial activity dates, and more for use in national, local and multimedia planning and buying modules.

The Landmark Agency is an enterprise software designed to help control advertising agency business processes, including media planning and buying, account management, creative, traffic, production, finance and digital asset management.

In addition to Ad-ID integration, the Landmark Agency 5.0 provides support for the change in the Nielsen ratings service broadcast day to 3 a.m. for the capture of early morning news programs.

The Landmark Agency is currently in beta testing and will be released later this fall.