Imagine Communications Updates SNP, Magellan SDNO Platforms

Imagine Communications SNP
SNP (Image credit: Imagine Communications)

TORONTO—Imagine Communications is bringing new functionality to its Selenio Network Processor (SNP) and Magellan SDNO Control System with new software features. The updates are designed to increase efficiencies in production, playout and distribution architectures.

SNP is a 1RU, network-attached device with four independent processors that can adopt personalities defined by software and is designed to help with synchronization, SDI/IP conversions, colorspace processing and conversions, including HDR, video scan format conversion and production multiviewers.

The new SNP release adds support for DR/FR style 100G QSFPs. This allows for connection of four SNP units to a single 400G network switchport through straightforward optics. In addition, the next software release for SNP will add processing personalities for JPEG XS compression.

The Magellan SDNO is being used by Imagine in many of its project deployments to integrate ST 2110 endpoints from other vendors, enabling best-of-breed solutions. With its new release, SDNO extends its Live Manager applications (PathView and AlarmView) to provide dynamic insight and interaction with the networked media ecosystem. LM-PathView provides a dynamic signal path display for both SDI and IP routing environments, allowing users to drag and drop sources and destinations onto the visualization canvas.

The new SDNO also includes enhancements to the salvo, template and database editors to simplify adding, searching and editing of the database. Bandwidth management support for spine/leaf topologies, supporting both Arista-based and Cisco-based networks, was also added.

The new software for both SNP and Magellan SDNO is now available. For more information, visit (opens in new tab).