Image Video Hits With Hitachi for Production

NORTH CANTON, OHIO—Image Video Teleproductions is a broadcast and production services company offering mobile production services and owner and operator of WIVM-TV, a local low-power TV station. As part of our gradual companywide transition to HD, we recently turned to Hitachi to upgrade the camera systems for one of our 30-foot mobile production trucks. We needed affordable cameras that delivered exceptional picture quality and provided the flexibility for quick and painless reconfiguration between studio and field productions.

The latter point was significant as Image Video also owns a large production studio to produce TV programs. Some of these programs are broadcast locally on WIVMTV, while others are produced for other TV stations in the region, as well as private corporations and sports networks.

In evaluating Hitachi’s portfolio as well as competitive cameras on the market, we zeroed in on the Hitachi Z-HD5000. We liked both the price-to-performance ratio, which balanced affordability with a wealth of features. To the latter point, the Z-HD5000 offers 14-bit analog-to-digital reproduction across red, green and blue channels, which delivers the pristine image quality we sought. Additionally, independent digital signal processing across the camera head, transmission system and camera control unit (CCU) ensures plenty of headroom to faithfully reproduce signals in excess of 85dB.

Furthermore, the Z-HD5000’s outstanding overall signal-to-noise ratio specification of 58dB is achieved by using Hitachi’s low-noise circuit technology; ensuring clear images are obtained with little noise even at high gain. Additional digital encoding at the camera head and CCU provides low interference and high signal integrity for both digital and analog outputs.

The user-friendliness of the Z-HD5000 is another significant benefit. As new employees and production personnel come and go, the quick learning curve ensures we can train new employees and have them operating the cameras within a reasonable timeframe.

Many of our productions involve live sports, and the Z-HD5000 delivers exceptional quality when shooting in dynamic outdoor conditions. To date, we have successfully used the Z-HD5000 to televise local and national events, such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies, including the enshrinement festival and parade in Canton, Ohio; and the University of Mount Union football games for Fox Sports Ohio and Sports Time Ohio. The Z-HD5000 is also used for some of Image Video’s weekly programming, including a local coach’s talk show with University of Akron’s Football Coach Terry Bowden and Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot.

Hitachi cameras also give us the option for triax or fiber connectivity. We opted for triax connectivity with the Z-HD5000 cameras, given that most sports venues are wired with triax. However, the open architecture of the Z-HD5000 means we can seamlessly upgrade to fiber connectivity in the future as we please.

The durability of Hitachi cameras must also be noted. We have owned Hitachi SD cameras for many years, and they’ve been the hardest working and most reliable cameras we have used in-house. Moving to the next-generation Z-HD5000s made perfect sense, given the great success we have had with Hitachi cameras in the past. We feel confident every time we use them, whether in the studio or in the field.

Dean Marini is general manager of Image Video and WIVM-TV, overseeing technical and operational services across all broadcast, in-house production and mobile production operations. He can be reached

For more information, contact Hitachi Kokusai Electric America at 855-891- 5179 or visitwww.hitachikokusai.usfor more information.