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Ikegami Debuts Lighter, More Advanced ENG Digital Camera

Ikegami has introduced the HL-60W digital videocamera, for ENG/EFP SDTV, combining digital signal processing with a compact size, low-power consumption and a switchable 16:9/4:3 format.

The camera features a highly efficient new DSP ASIC, three- or two-channel component triax configurations and 3-chip AIT 520,000 pixel CCD that build on the HL-60W's predecessor, the HL-59. It features 38-bit internal processing, 65 dB signal-to-noise ratio, 750 TVL resolution, high f11 sensitivity and low vertical smear of 135dB.

The HL-60W includes a wide sensitivity range and ten gain settings to extend operating range, color control, a variety of DTL functions, improved color reproduction, black stretch and press control and a memory card.