IK Multimedia announces Pro Tools version of ARC System

IK Multimedia’s ARC System for tuning room acoustics is now available as a TDM plug-in for use within Digidesign’s Pro Tools|HD Accel DAW platform. This enables Pro Tools owners with these systems to mix and master in an acoustically correct monitoring environment with zero latency. The ARC System delivers an advanced solution to studio acoustical problems and combines a calibrated microphone, stand-alone software that captures and calculates proper room correction, and a plug-in that applies the correction once inserted on the Pro Tools master bus.

ARC System features Audyssey’s MultEQ technology, which measures acoustical information throughout the listening area to provide an accurate representation of acoustical problems. The EQ solution then corrects for both time and frequency response issues, resulting in a clear, reliable representation of your mix, not only in the engineer’s “sweet spot,” but also in multiple listening positions in the room.

ARC System TDM version features two plug-in formats: stereo (supporting up to 48kHz sample rate) or multimono (supporting up to 96kHz sample rate). The package also comes with native plug-in versions (including RTAS, VST and AU formats) and includes a step-by-step setup measurement wizard.

ARC System allows traveling engineers to sonically treat any room to create a trusted monitoring environment. The ARC System TDM from IK Multimedia is available in three versions: full, upgrade and crossgrade.