IDX to unveil ENDURA ELITE battery line

IDX will unveil its ENDURA ELITE battery line, a Li-Ion battery system with 142Wh capacity, at NAB2007.

Designed for use with any ENG/EFP camera equipped with a V-mount, ELITE batteries are compact (3.9in x 6.6in x 2.8in) and weigh 2.75lbs. Cameras with gold mount adapter plates can be equipped with ELITE batteries via an optional IDX adapter.

Standard ENDURA features, including self-protection circuits for temperature, in-rush, load and voltage, are featured in the ELITE battery. Two types of serial interfaces enable users to see battery levels in their electronic viewfinders. Existing ENDURA V-mount chargers can be used with the new ELITE battery.

The batteries are designed to comply with virtually all aircraft security regulations, including both IATA and UN A45 regulations, so they can be brought on board an airplane. They also comply with European reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS).

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