IBC2006 to devote daily conference theme to mobile media

The potential for explosive growth in content for and revenue from mobile TV has many in the broadcast industry and beyond looking for the best way to capitalize on the opportunity.

Market research has shown that the public is willing to pay for content displayed on their mobile phones, handheld device and other portable screens, but questions remain about the best way to satisfy that consumer demand.

The organizers of IBC2006 hope to shed some light on the topic Sept. 9, when the conference theme is Media on the Move. The conference will offer a number of sessions intended to address fundamental questions such as: What’s the right type of content for the mobile environment? Is this really a business for broadcasters, telecom companies or some other new group? What’s the best technology to deliver media to consumers on the go?

Among the sessions devoted to the Media on the Move theme are:

  • Mobility, the role of content and what works in mobile TV, directed by UK Media Journalist Kate Bulkley. The session will provide an overview of global activity in mobile TV during the past year.
  • Content that moves well, directed by Ken Blakesless, WebMobility Ventures, UK. The session will explore the types of content best suited for people on the move, including format, economics of delivery and relevancy to the viewer. An emphasis will be placed on likely consumer viewing habits, including where and when they view and the level of content personalization they require.
  • Building a mobile TV business, with participant Matt Heiman, Mobix Interactive, UK. Here attendees will explore the business challenges and opportunities of mobile TV. Topics will include the best delivery method, the important value propositions of mobile TV and revenue models.
  • Trialing and building new mobile TV technologies, directed by Hyacinth Nwana, Argiva, UK. Those attending the session will receive an update on the major mobile digital broadcast television trials and the lessons learned.

For more information, visit: www.ibc.org.