IBC2005 to offer global report on D-Cinema

Conference participants will discuss their experiences and lessons learned with digital cinema
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IBC2005 will offer a forum for early adopters of digital cinema technology to offer insight about how the emerging technology can be used to create a competitive advantage and generate new business models.

During the “Global Report and First Experiences” conference Monday, Sept. 12, participants VSNL/ADLABS, the Kinepolis Group, the UK Film Council and the Arts Alliance Media will discuss their experiences and lessons learned with digital cinema.

Raj Tilak of VSNL/ADLABS will discuss the mixed results of an attempt in India to use Electronic Cinema as a way to neutralize revenue losses resulting from bootleg DVD movies playing in backstreet video parlors.

Tilak will explore how some of the first E-Cinema programs are being revamped to address issues that developed initially and discuss plans for one of the country’s first E-Cinema networks.

Bob Claeys, International Director of Projection and Sound at Kinepolis Group, will discuss some of the lessons Kinepolis has learned as being one of the first movie exhibitors to install a digital projector. He also will discuss the company’s plans to expand its digital projection network in Europe.

Steve Perrin of the UK Film Council will shed light on the Digital Screen Network initiative that will equip the UK with some 240 digital projection screens in the next 18 months.

Howard Kiedaisch of Arts Alliance Media will explore the issues that need to be considered when deploying a large digital exhibition network. Arts Alliance Media is the systems integrator supplying the digital screen network.

Justin Ribbons of UCI will chair the session.

For more information, visit www.ibc.org.

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