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IBC2005 to offer ‘Delivery to the Consumer’ theme

On Thursday, Sept. 8, IBC2005 will explore delivery technology, connecting equipment, content reception and content use, and how changes in these areas are affecting consumers.

On Thursday, Sept. 8, the IBC conference will explore changes impacting consumers in four areas: display technology, connecting equipment, content reception and how the content is used.

Individual sessions and presentations include:

  • Programs to the People — delivering a major sporting event and the results of recent DVB-H trials
  • Audio and Radio Technology — Hearing is Believing, including basic coding coverage, cascading codecs and middleware for mobile services
  • The Multimedia Home — an exploration of the standards and technology used for delivery to the home
  • It’s About Bandwidth, Stupid! Can the Telco's Find the Bandwidth Needed to get Triple Play Services to Every Home?
  • European Cable TV — the current status of broadband over cable in Europe
  • HDTV – The Final Resolution?
  • Managing the Terrestrial Spectrum for Digital
  • Keynote by TANDBERG Television CEO Eric Dooney

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