IBC 2010

IBC has four streams running through this year's conference: Technology Advancements, Content Creation & Innovation, The Business of Broadcasting and Added Value. The first three sum up broadcasting: It is a creative business that leans heavily on technology to deliver content.

Not unexpectedly, there are many conference sessions on 3-D, including acquisition and delivery. After the World Cup coverage, broadcasting 3-D has become a reality. So, if you want to find out how it's done, now is the opportunity.

If you having been running HD for years and your broadcast processes are all file-based, how about looking at the next (possible) step forward? The Technology Advancements stream will feature papers on UHDTV. This future development may just be more pixels, but with uncompressed data rates eight times that of 1080/P50 image, processing the video is going to be a challenge with current workstations and networks. It's definitely a format that will rely on Moore's Law, but with roll-out thought to be a decade away, the necessary processing power will be there. UHDTV editing on your smartphone by 2020 - who knows?

Of course, in addition to the conferences, IBC is an important marketplace for equipment vendors. After the uncertainties of the previous year, this year promises to see more buyers looking at new products or tying up a deal. Although much can be gleaned from company websites, conference calls and webinars, there is nothing like face-to-face meetings to cement relationships. Exhibitions like IBC are great places to network.

Broadcast Engineering will be at IBC as usual, with BETV interviewing vendors about their latest products. So if you're not attending IBC, check out our website during the show to see our videos. In the lead up to IBC, we also are featuring new products online in our “IBC Update” e-newsletter. (Visit www.broadcastengineering.com to subscribe.)

As always, Broadcast Engineering is here to help you plan your visit to IBC. Use our Exhibit Hall Map to navigate your way through the maze of stands and products. And to help you figure which stands are a must-see, here is a sneak peek at some of the hottest products that will be featured on the show floor.

Video conversion, frame synchronization and decoder platform
Evertz HD2014

High-performance, multipath 1RU video conversion, frame synchronization and decoder platform integrates four independent paths of video processing; all four paths can be fed from four different input signals; each processing path includes full frame sync and up/down/crossconversion capabilities in addition to noise reduction, video proc and video enhancement capabilities; optional MPEG-2 and H.264 flex modules allow the unit to accept ASI input signals and generate decoded baseband video that can then be sent to conversion engines.
+44 118 935 0200;www.evertz.com
Stand: 8.B40

Multi-I/O breakout panel
Riedel MN-MBR

Provides eight AES and eight analog four-wire connectors over Cat 5; 12 GPIOs and four serial ports via Sub-D 9-pin connectors complete the device's interfacing; all signals are distributed through the MediorNet installation; the 19in/1RU panel is connected to the MediorNet frame via two 44-pin Sub-D connectors to the MediorNet MN-MIO Multiple I/O card, which occupies one low-speed port of the MediorNet mainframe; the breakout panel is also powered via the Multi-I/O card and does not need an external power supply.
+49 202 292 90;www.riedel.net
Stand: 10.A41

Active storage system
Omneon MediaGrid

Combines clustered storage with grid computing, using multiple intelligent, interconnected yet independent nodes to create a system that scales in manageable increments of capacity, bandwidth and media-processing power; designed specifically for digital media workflows; integrates easily with workflow and content management applications to deliver a complete platform solution; can also serve as a grid-processing engine for processor-intensive media processing applications.
+44 1256 347 400;www.omneon.com
Stand: 7.A10

VOD MHEG application
Strategy & Technology Player and Mediator

An MHEG application for VOD services including catch-up TV, with flexible back-office integration using S&T's Mediator server; offer a configurable and customizable solution for MHEG Interaction Channel and CI+ platforms, supporting browsing and navigation of on-demand content as well as playback control.
+44 20 7183 1500;www.s-and-t.com
Stand: 1.A21, IP601

2.4GHz RF network
Zaxcom ZaxNet

Designed for the distribution of remote control signals, time code, IFB audio and metadata for production sound; wirelessly links Zaxcom's Deva/Fusion, digital recording wireless systems, encrypted IFB receivers and compatible digital slates into a single system for audio recording and metadata distribution; signal is generated by Deva/Fusion and broadcast via an IFB100 on a 2.4GHz signal; the IFB audio, time code, metadata and wireless remote control commands are then received by the ERX1, ERX1TCD and TRX series.
+1 973 835 5000;www.zaxcom.com
Stand: 8.A80

Archive management software
SGL FlashNet

Seamlessly integrates with Avid Interplay 2.2; supports latest version of Apple's Final Cut Server; provides an XML-based API that allows major broadcast vendors to create integrated applications that can instantly access the SGL content storage management system; scales to a cluster with a theoretically infinite number of identical nodes, each of which provides high-speed access into and out of the archive; clustered architecture provides high level of reliability.
+44 1489 88 99 30;www.sgluk.com
Stand: 8.A25a, 8.B28c

Flat screens
Autoscript LED-TFT Plus

Range includes 8in, 12in, 15in and 17in versions; an illuminated control panel provides easy visibility in dark studio conditions; feature LED technology, which offers advantages for display longevity, performance, reliability and “green” energy savings.
+44 208 891 8900;www.autoscript.tv
Stand: 11.F60

C-mount lens
Polecam HRO 69

High-quality 3.5mm lens is designed for use with the latest generation of 1/3in miniature 3-CCD HD cameras; has a 69-degree horizontal angle of view and F2.2 to F16 aperture range; features include back focus, a special bump cover to protect the lens front and a 40.5mm filter thread adapter option.
+44 1234 855 222
Stand: 10.C49

Portable DVR
AJA Video Ki Pro 2.0

Version 2.0 includes support for eight-channel embedded audio, support for gang recording with multiple Ki Pro units via the Web interface and RS-422 device control; portable, rugged unit records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media; features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI and analog inputs; allows users to interface with virtually any type of camera or video source they may own or rent; numerous simultaneous outputs enable flexible monitoring, connecting to both professional and consumer monitors.
+1 530 274 2048;www.aja.com
Stand: 7.F11

Subtitling software
SysMedia WinCAPS Quantum

New subtitle preparation suite focused on productivity; Quantum integrates powerful tools for automated media transcription, assisted translation and easy extraction of dialog from scripts, with a new user interface; subtitlers benefit from an enhanced workflow and the time-saving benefits of the latest technology, while retaining control of their craft; allows broadcasters and subtitling facilities to satisfy increasing output demands at a lower production cost.
+44 1293 814 200
Stand: 3.B67

Ancillary data analysis
PHABRIX Ancillary Data Analyzer

Available as an option for Sx and Rx range; provides a detailed analysis of the ancillary data present in an SDI signal; simple grid layout provides a quick view check for an engineer using the company's handheld instruments; each packet type is then displayed as present, not present or red if in fault; if further detail is required, then a separate ANC analyzer screen can be activated to display the selected ANC providing location (line), header, data bytes and CRC from the decoded data.
+ 44 1635 255494;www.phabrix.com
Stand: 8.E23

Automated playout solution
OASYS Version 5.3

Includes a new software-based QC feature and XMLTV output for playlists; the Manager application can now be set to read file content as a software-based QC function; through a partnership with VideoTechnics, now offers a mix of traditional video servers with editing and asset management, integrated with Player; using a browse facility to the asset management database, files and sequences can be imported into a Player playlist; users can now export the playlist in XMLTV format; in this format, it can be used as an EPG or XML data source or as an input playlist for Player.
+44 845 094 2612;www.oasys.com
Stand: 7.J15a

Universal media reader/writer
Sonnet Technologies Qio

Engineered to be a cost-effective, convenient alternative to stand-alone card readers; features dual P2, SxS and CompactFlash slots; can transfer data from two cards concurrently; an adapter handles SDHC cards; moves files between any cards, attached drives or host computer with aggregate bandwidth up to 200MB/s.
+1 949 587 3500
Stand: 7.G03

Teleprompter range
QTV/Autocue Master Series

Uses LED backlight technology; features instant access to the glass and a hidden compartment for a cloth and solution, flat-pack and toolless assembly hoods, inboard cable management, and a cue light on the monitor itself.
+1 212 929 7755www.autocue-qtv.com
Stand: 11.F50

Production switcher
Ross Video Vision Octane

Features 35 full-screen HD animation stores, 24 channels of 3D DVE with warp capability, 96 inputs, 48 outputs and 56 keyers — 32 full keyers, 12 aux key mixer/keyers on the aux bus outputs and 12 DVE key combiners; can be loaded with up to eight MLEs, match any application and be combined with up to nine different control panels; optional internal multiviewer has access to all internal and external sources.
+1 613 652 4886;www.rossvideo.com
Stand: 10.A31

Master controller
Utah Scientific MC-4000

Integrated system for handling the most demanding on-air operations in live, automated or automation-assisted operating environments; offers built-in capabilities to handle the most commonly required on-air operations, including still and animated logo presentations, audio and video clip playback, and reliable EAS message presentation; features new internal squeeze and graphics capabilities.
+1 801 575 3770
Stand: 2.B20

Camera-mounted transceivers
Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead 3000 series

Provides a single fiber-optic link between any professional camera or camcorder and the broadcaster's truck, control room or video village position; can handle all vital camera signals and can be configured for specific applications such as ENG or multicamera use; the CopperHead 3050 is specifically designed for ENG and SNG; the CopperHead 3200 offers an affordable multicasting solution for a range of HD broadcasting applications; the CopperHead 3400 is designed for dual-camera 3-D rigs.
+1 508 754 4858
Stand: 10.B39

Low-power antenna series
Dielectric DLP

Features horizontally polarized antennas in a number of standard directional azimuth patterns, with an average power rating of 1.6kW; designed to provide broadcasters with a low weight- and wind-load system for mobile media transmissions, distributed transmission systems and translators; features an eight-bay, single-module design; provides a single 7/8in output, a 1.5-degree beam tilt and a low-profile slot cover for protection from environmental wear and tear.
+1 561 447 2123;www.dielectric.com
Stand: 8.E77

HD portable lens
Canon HJ14ex4.3B

Offers a 4.3mm wide-angle of view, a 14X zoom range and special data connections that facilitate direct digital integration of encoder data for zoom, iris and focus settings into virtual studio systems; the portion of the lens that enables integration with virtual studio systems is the Digital Drive unit, which allows camera operators to program lens zoom positions and speeds, as well as focus and iris settings; also includes connectors to output positional data into virtual studio systems.
+31 20 545 8666
Stand: 11.E50

Digital wirelessintercom system
Clear-Com Tempest2400

New firmware offers users three different modes of operation — Normal Mode, Shared Mode and Split Mode — each with new features sets, including the ability to connect unlimited numbers of BeltStations to one Tempest2400 BaseStation; available in two- and four-channel versions; uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio technology to ensure reliable communications; operates license-free in the 2.4GHZ band worldwide for interference-free communications, even in areas heavily populated with other RF devices.
+44 1223 815000
Stand: 13.C26a

3-D formatting technology

Delivers visually lossless compression of stereoscopic (3-D) HD video to enable 3-D broadcast over standard 2-D infrastructure for presentation in cinemas and home theaters; compatible with most HD satellite broadcast and on-demand systems, including pay per view, VOD, IP streaming and download; encoded content is viewable via standard HD set-top boxes and on 3-D TVs.
+1 514 846 2022;www.sensio.tv
Stand: 1.C29

Newsroom computer system
Octopus Newsroom OCTOPUS6

A multiplatform newsroom computer solution that runs on Windows, Mac OS or Linux; has an installation-free client, centralized updates and a straightforward user interface; features rundowns, assignments, story approval, wires, e-mail or RSS, placeholders, low-res browsing, and other useful features; offers an open architecture that can be integrated with many third-party systems such as automation, graphics and teleprompters through the MOS protocol.
+420 2 211 815 11
Stand: 2.B19

Centralized rights management system
Pilat Media Advanced Content Rights Management System

Based on IBMS features and technology; enables users to record contractual terms and assign rights to centrally log and manage the consumption and distribution terms for all acquired or produced content, both long form and short form, across all types of services; a comprehensive application programming interface allows integration with third-party systems.
+44 20 8782 0700
Stand: 3.C46

Production system
OmniBus iTX Enterprise Suite

Allows broadcasters and media operators to use a single integrated system to unify and streamline ingest, media management, workflow organization, schedule management, asset management, automation, master control and playout to TV, radio and the Internet; handles all stages of the production and delivery process under a consistent user environment; delivers increases in efficiency, scalability and speed of response for 21st century media businesses.
+44 8705 004 300;www.omnibus.tv
Stand: 8.D41

Waveform monitor
Blackmagic Design Pocket UltraScope

Small pod with a 3Gb/s SDI input that connects to any USB 3.0 computer for professional waveform monitoring; when running on a notebook or desktop PC with a 1920 x 1080 display, the unit allows simultaneous display of six waveform views, including RGB/YUV parade display, composite waveform, vector, histogram, eight-channel audio meters, stereo audio scope and picture view; when used with smaller screens, the Pocket Ultra-Scope allows a smaller two-view window to be selected; also automatically detects the input video format and switches between SD, HD and 3Gb/s 1080p SDI formats.
+44 1565 830049
Stand: 7.B25

Spectrum analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz R&S FSVR

Real-time spectrum analyzer combines the functions of an all-purpose signal and spectrum analyzer with a real-time spectrum analyzer; in real-time mode, detects everything, from sporadic events to ultra short signals; compared with a conventional spectrum analyzer, which sweeps across the entire input frequency range of several GHz, this real-time spectrum analyzer measures the spectrum around a user-selectable input frequency; seamlessly acquires the applied signal with the selected span and displays its spectrum.
+49 89 41 29 12 271
Stand: 8.D35

Wireless tally indicator system
Brick House Video TallyHo

Designed for use with a wide range of mobile production systems; offers camera operators remote, on-air indication in the field; works with industry-standard vision switchers and production desks; comprises a central control station and charging unit as well as eight hot-shoe receiver modules; receivers offer visual indication to the camera subject when live and a preview feature to advise the camera operator of the upcoming transition to air.
+44 1962 777733
Stand: 8.D80

Control and monitoring platform
Snell Centra

Delivers unified control, monitoring and playout; through enhanced integration with Snell products and third-party broadcast and IT technology, the platform is designed to bring new operational efficiencies through centralized configuration and control to all areas of real-time content preparation, infrastructure management, studio and OB productions; productions can be switched and infrastructure can be reconfigured at the press of a button.
+44 1189 214 294
Stand: 8.B60

Broadcast IP probe
Bridge Technologies VB12-RF

A monitoring/measurement system designed for engineers on the road; packs every required broadcast and IP interface into a ruggedized chassis with a form factor smaller than a laptop computer; features a wide range of built-in interfaces for RF, ASI and IP; offers full TR101290 alarming and analysis, and support for all professional media transportation codecs.
+47 22 38 51 00;www.bridgetech.tv
Stand: 1.A30

Grass Valley Elite 1000 GreenPower

UHF transmitter features 50V LDMOS technology and an output power of up to 9.6kW DVB per unit with an energy consumption savings of up to 15 percent over the previous Elite transmitter series; uses Thomson real-time Digital Adaptive Precorrection to provide leading-edge DTV transmission efficiency, optimized output power, exemplary signal quality and high redundancy.
+33 1 3490 3100
Stand: 1.D11

Monitoring solution
Volicon Observer Professional

Based on Microsoft Silverlight; includes an intuitive, streamlined user interface for both Mac and PC platforms that supports Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as integrated export functionality to H.264, Flash, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4; features enhancements to the optional Scheduled Recording Module, which integrates with electronic programming guides to enable quick and easy scheduling, recording and enhanced searching with auto-complete technology on key media mentions in the video stream.
+1 781 221 7400;www.volicon.com
Stand: 7.G30

2D/3D graphics system
PlayBox Technology TitleBox 3D

Supports multilayered simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks and text templates; provides 3D text (extruded and rotating) and 3D static picture, in which rotation can be placed on simple 3D objects such as cubes, spheres, etc.; can import 3D Studio MAX files, with support for both static and animated scenes.
+44 1707 66 4444;www.playbox.tv
Stand: 8.C30

Fischer Connectors AluLite series

Aluminium engineered metal connectors are 50 percent lighter than typical metal connectors; designed to offer excellent strength-to-weight ratio; ideal for handheld material, mobile equipment, batteries and power supplies, trollies, rack-mounted units, or auxiliary equipment; easily integrate with high-profile product designs, while also offering a flexible color-coding system; rugged, sealed up to IP68 and operational from -50°C to +150°C; can withstand the harsh field conditions of outside broadcasting.
+41 21 800 9595
Stand: 11.F55

Video-over-IP distribution system
Haivision Network Video Furnace 5.6

Offers users built-in authentication portal for a direct interface with customer LDAP/Active Directory database, the ability to assign rights and privileges for live streams, playback channels, VOD assets, and VF administrative tools such as recording and client control; supports MAKITO HD H.264 encoder; Portal Server controls distribution of SD and HD H.264 video to the InStream player and Stingray set-top box; Playback Manager supports scheduled channels for IP video broadcast and signage; Media Server enables HD VOD; includes network video recording functionalities.
+1 514 334 5445;www.haivision.com
Stand: IP701

Real-time media graphics
Evertz Overture RT

Provides a mixture of still graphics, multilayer advanced graphics and character generation that allows users to create rich lower-third, weather and “coming up next” graphics; designed for HD/SD facilities; ideal for the dynamic data and multichannel environments; integrates with master control systems via the switchers' key and fill inputs; features include TrueType and Unicode character sets, analog or digital clocks and playout of 16-channel audio clip files.
+44 118 935 0200;www.evertz.com
Stand: 8.B40

Media workflow platform
RadiantGrid Platform

Now includes new user interface; through Microsoft Silverlight, users have access to the RadiantGrid Platform and can control many of the processes and functions from anywhere, even over VPN connections; the interface also provides users with a content management pane, which shows the status of ingested assets, as well as transcoded renditions; offers full access to all available transcoding parameters, across all supported containers and codecs.
+1 703 338 5493
Stand: 8.D29

EVS-OpenCube OpenCubeHD/SD v2.3

Features full SD/HD tape-to-disk capabilities, as well as a dual-channel mode for MPEG-2 long GOP and native support of Sony XDCAM HD and Avid DNxHD codecs; offers a faster-than-real-time JPEG 2000 encoding process and MXF file generation for seamless integration into all types of production workflows.
+33 561 285 606
Stand: 8.A96a, 8.B90

Distributed matrix intercom
Trilogy Communications Gemini

Combines IP connectivity with broadcast-quality audio at near-zero latency; features a touch screen and distributed peer-to-peer architecture; supports up to 32 traditional and IP-connected intercom panels, telephones and other IP equipment, including any SIP-enabled phones and radios; build upon a dual-redundant ring of audio traffic flowing over Cat 5 or fiber infrastructure; matrices can be linked to form a network of 256 x 256 ports.
+44 1264 384000;www.trilogybroadcast.co.uk
Stand: 10.A29

File-based content verification
Tektronix Cerify

Provides quality control of file-based video ingested from different sources, encoded at different bit rates/formats and using different compression standards for SD/HD, VOD or IPTV delivery; the fully automated system verifies file-based content prior to transmission or use; solutions range from Windows-based PC stand-alone workstations to enterprise-wide solutions that interface to third-party automation or asset management systems.
+49 221 94 77 334;www.tek.com
Stand: 8.C75

DVB-S2 modulator
Sencore SMD 989

Supports the modulation of two independent DVB-S2 RF transmissions; packaged in a two-channel, 1RU chassis; accepts transport streams via DVB-ASI or IP inputs using the UDP or RTP protocols, which gives users the flexibility to accommodate changes over time; features an optional agile L-band upconverter with an output frequency range of 950MHz to 2150MHz; sustains all modulation formats defined in the DVB-S2 standard; offers optional multistream inputs along with an agile RF upconverter.
+1 605 339 0100;www.sencore.com
Stand: 1.C11

Remote client panel
DK-Technologies PT0700R

Allows engineers to access the facilities of the PT0760M HD/SD multichannel video waveform monitor and the entry-level PT0710M from an entirely different location; engineers using the remote client panel can independently access all the facilities of the PT0760M without interrupting the use at the master location; client panel offers the same high-quality display as the PT0760M/PT0710M and gives users access to a set of soft keys that replicate those on the main unit; both the PT0760M and the PT0700R display can be independently controlled, allowing for either identical or individual display of video and/or audio signals at both locations.
+45 44 85 02 55
www.dk-technologies.comStand: 8.E60

Branding switcher
Pixel Power BrandMaster

Combines complete master control and high-end branding graphics in a single integrated system to enable channels to be efficiently branded without the need to maintain an external pool of graphics resources; putting graphics capability at the transmission point, reduces the complexity of the signal path, streamlines the channel branding process and lowers the total cost of channel branding; features a new master control panel, designed to deliver a control surface that is familiar to master control operators.
+1 818 276 4515
Stand: 7.A31

IP-based satellite broadcasting technology
Newtec DualFlow

Enables two-way IP interactivity over satellite; allows operators to choose when they make the switch to IP by simultaneously supporting both ASI and IP; available as part of Newtec's Azimuth satellite broadcasting modulation equipment.
+32 3 780 65 00;www.newtec.eu
Stand: 1.A49

Miranda Kaleido

Designed to offer outstanding picture quality, extreme layout flexibility and tight router integration; range includes Kaleido-X for high picture count monitoring with advanced metadata extraction, the ultra-quiet Kaleido-X16 and the space-efficient Kaleido-Modular.
+44 1491 820000;www.miranda.com
Stand: 8.B80

Video capture/preprocessing hardware
Digital Rapids Flux HD

Features motion-adaptive deinterlacing with pixel-level analysis and video noise reduction that make the input signal more compression-friendly, enabling the most efficient use of bandwidth in the compressed output; integrated up/down/crossconversion provides high-quality conversion between SD, HD and 3G-SDI formats and frame rates; additional features include video adjustments, color space conversion and graphic overlay.
+1 905 946 9666
Stand: 7.G41, IP341

Scheduling, workflow and content lifecycle software
MediaGenix WHATS'On

Manages and optimizes all cross-media broadcasting, scheduling and content lifecycle processes; enables media companies to easily launch new channels or set up additional on-demand services in a cost-efficient way, while optimizing workflow and infrastructure.
+32 2 467 34 30;www.mediagenix.tv
Stand: 3.C59

Storage platform
SAN Solutions ArtiSAN Storage Platform

Designed for small workgroup media production environments; available in a 2RU, 24-slot configuration for 24TB capacity, as well as a 3RU, 16-slot configuration for 32TB capacity; supports all RAID formats, including RAID5 and RAID6; features include 8 x 8GB Fibre Channel host ports, global hot-sparing, dual redundant power supplies and automatic call-home break-fix repair.
+1 775 745 8734
Stand: 13.C31

Ultra-slow-motion system
I-MOVIX SprintCam Vvs HD

For live HD broadcast production; operates at frame rates up to 2700fps in 1080i50 or up to 5800fps in 720p60 (more than 100 times slower than live action); provides instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality; optimized for shoulder-mounted portable shooting; new features include segmented memory, ramping of speed within a replay, integration of both live- and replay-view on the viewfinder, and a dual output allowing a camera operator to shoot and record at the same time.
+32 65 32 1535;www.i-movix.com
Stand: 10.D29

A/D and D/A audio converter
NTP Technology DAD AX24 192 PHD

Offers A/D and D/A conversion in PCM at up to 384kHz sampling rate, DSD at 64 or 128 frames and 352.8kHz DXD; optional mic preamp incorporates analog gain in 3dB steps and digital gain with 0.25dB precision; features dynamic range between 118dB and 121dB with a preamp noise floor of -130dB; controllable via RS-422, USB or Ethernet; MADI output can be configured to operate in loop-through mode, connecting multiple converters to a single data output; interface can be set to access any configuration of 64 MADI channels in blocks of eight consecutive channels; users can synchronize to incoming AES 11, word clock, super clock or video (PAL, NTSC or SECAM).
+45 45 96 88 80;www.ntp.dk
Stand: 8.B51

Multichannel ingest and playback
Harris Production Playout Center

Adds functionality to Harris NEXIO AMP and NEXIO Volt servers by enabling the playout of high-definition video to every screen in the sports venue and the creation of stunning slow-motion instant replays; comprises five software modules that fit into a variety of environments, including sports arenas/stadiums, on-the-fly live productions and newsroom sports segments.
+44 7775 581301
Stand: 7.G20

Genlockable sync generator/test signal generator
Ensemble Designs BrightEye 57

Can be used as either a slave or master reference generator; can lock to house reference or to its own internal precision standard; suited for remote trucks, post, helicopters and flypacks; 1.5Gb/s HD, 3Gb/s HD or SD SDI test signals or black with embedded audio is output on the SDI BNCs; 3G Level A and Level B are supported; composite, HD trilevel sync and AES digital audio outputs also are provided; three user-programmable outputs are selectable between AES, LTC, Wordclock or 6Hz Pulse; analog audio and AES outputs provide tone or silence.
+1 530 478 1830
Stand: 8.B91

Media asset/workflow system
TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) Mediaflex

Enables media organizations to manage both the physical media and digital file-based content with their associated workflows; a comprehensive upgrade to the Data Model allows users to define their own additional metadata schemas, providing an extensible solution for metadata management; additional solutions for cultural archives and cataloging enable organizations to annotate and capture metadata based on content from a single frame to a complete film or program; new Web browser-based functionality enables users to carry out rough-cut editing and deliver EDL-created content for post-production workflows.
+44 1296 745080;www.tmd.tvStand: 2.C58

LED lights
Videssence ExceLED series

Provide good light levels using low wattages; can produce over 3300 lux at 7.5m, which is comparable to a typical 2000W fresnel fixture; at only 100W, helps users save on power, save on lamp replacement and alleviate the extreme heat produced by a 2000 quartz lamp; series also offers a 25W and 50W version; kits will be offered for three of the 25W ExceLED 25; this small versatile LED fixture was designed to utilize a 5in speed ring.
+1 626 579 0943;www.videssence.tv
Stand: 11.A52

Audio monitoring

Additions to the latest software release include improved loudness measurement capability, user-assignable input matrix for non-SMPTE channel order, lip sync audio delay capability and improved data reporting; provides constant analysis and instant feedback to engineers and operators; new functionality anticipates the EBU and ATSC recommendations and gives users the power to configure their own target and measurement parameters while providing practical solutions for monitoring and reporting such as a time-versus-level histogram and over target alarms.
+44 1628 676 200;www.tsl.co.uk
Stand: 10.B41, OE113

3-D production and transmission module
Axon Digital Design G3D100

3Gb/s HD and SD stereoscopic production and transmission tool can be sourced with a stereoscopic image (and a backup source); these sources are processed internally to provide multiple outputs, and they are compatible with 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s for full 1080p/50 or 1080p/59.94 application.
+31 161 850 450;www.axon.tv
Stand: 10.A21, 10.B21

Pan and tilt head
Vinten Vision Blue

Specifically designed for light camcorders and DSLRs equipped for video; features adjustable Perfect Balance and LF drag technology, functionality previously only available with the Vision 3AS and above; enables smooth, balanced movement, fast setup and security against unwanted movement.
+44 1284 752 121;www.vinten.comStand: 11.F60

Content storage management
Front Porch Digital DIVArchive V6.3

Capable of full integration with many media industry editing and production tools, including Avid Interplay, Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Final Cut Server; V6.3 offers integration with Avid Interplay, making it easier for users of Avid's media asset management system to access content stored under DIVArchive management; new features include multiresolution object support, subclip partial restore, best-effort restore, advanced Avid search within the DIVArchive user interface and full Unicode asset support.
+33 450 88 37 70;www.fpdigital.com
Stand: 7.B15

A/V processing monitor
Wohler AMP2-16V series

The 16-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio/video processing monitor features a new dual 4.3in OLED modular audio monitor; offers dedicated video monitoring, loudness metering and control, audio mixing and routing, SDI audio embedding and instantaneous Dolby bit stream analysis (Dolby Zoom); Dolby Zoom switches between the standard overview of monitored channels and monitoring of the decoded channels and metadata of an available Dolby bit stream with a single button press.
+33 970 440 253;www.wohler.com
Stand: 8.D56

Media asset management
GlobeCast Manreo 3

Offers an open, scalable architecture along with all the tools needed to simplify the cataloging, indexing, accessing and distribution of media; designed to maximize productivity gains in asset management and the use of rich media, which in turn can be repurposed and published to platforms such as Web portals and mobile devices; supports all industry-standard formats, ingesting content, generating browse proxies, enriching media through speech-to-text functionality, and providing easy access to media.
+33 1 55 95 26 00
www.globecast.comStand: 1.A29

Transmission loudness manager
Linear Acoustic AERO.air

All-in-one processor accepts any Dolby-encoded or PCM audio; provides upmixing and loudness control; outputs both PCM and Dolby-encoded audio for transmission; advanced multiband processing ensures consistency without artifacts; new features include UPMAX-II 5.1 reference-quality 5.1-channel automatic upmixing, internal Dolby E/Digital/Plus decoding and internal Nielsen Watermark encoding for audience measurement; offers CrowdControl, which prevents dialogue from disappearing in the mix.
+1 717 735 3611
www.linearacoustic.comStand: 8.D29

Audio processor
Junger Audio T-APP

Wideband eight-channel audio processor focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using LEVEL MAGIC (ITU-compliant) and Spectral Signature; can analyze and reproduce the sound signature of your favorite show and using dynamic filters, automatically apply it to your own contents; offers optional Dolby decoding and encoding (D, D+, or Pulse), metadata management, 5.1 downmix and the company's UPMIX functionality.
+49 30 6777 210
Stand: 2.C49

Automated monitoring system
iPharro Media TV Content Monitoring

Identifies content across an unlimited number of TV channels and provides users with results within minutes of airing; can monitor any TV source, including terrestrial, over-the-air, satellite, cable and mobile TV broadcasts; enables modules to be deployed independently, offering remote video capture fingerprinting and analysis; accommodates various customer workflow requirements ranging from recording to long-term storage and analysis.
+49 6151 8509 240;www.ipharro.com
Stand: 8.A11

News contribution system
Prodys Ikusnet

Designed for live transmission over IP networks and Internet; adapts the encoding features to the network conditions; performs live satellite transmission using DVB-ASI interface; features two folding video monitors, menu touch pad, return feed, audio control, mic/line inputs and local storage.
+34 91 689 68 80;www.prodys.com
Stand: 1.C30

Pan and tilt head
Vinten Radamec Vector 750i

An encoded version of a pan and tilt head for studio and mobile production; incorporates a new intelligence module allowing semiautomatic setup, slide plate tracking and kinematic compensation; ensures stable and precise placement of virtual graphics in the live environment.
+44 1284 752 121
Stand: 11.F60

HD camcorder
Sony Handycam NEX-VG10

Uses the same E-mount lenses as Sony's NEX-3 and NEX-5 still image cameras but in a body more in line with video capture; can record at 1080p at the full 24Mb/s of AVCHD (H.264); features the same 14.2-megapixel CMOS sensor used in the NEX photo cameras and supports their full high-definition quality still image features; has a four-capsule microphone with both a microphone input and a headphone output for more advanced audio recording; has a 5.25-hour recording time on battery and up to four hours of storage for 1080p when using a 32GB Memory Stick Pro Duo or SDHC card.
+44 1256 483178;www.sony.co.uk
Stand: 12.A10

LED light
Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid

Combines continuous output and a Flash feature in a single fixture; ideal lighting tool for motion-enabled DSLR cameras; Continuous Mode provides luminous, wrap-around soft output; Flash feature produces a 400 percent bright burst, which is ideal for illuminating a variety of still images; runs off standard AA batteries.
+1 818 752 2437
Stand: 11.F60

Orad PlayMaker

Eight-channel HD/SD slow-motion server provides high-quality synchronized replay and smart editing tools for game highlights; features super slow motion support, large ingest capacity and a 3RU chassis; reduces the cost of sports productions without compromising content quality.
+44 208 847 8650;www.orad.tv
Stand: 7.B27

Media asset management system
Netia Content Management System

Suite of media asset management solutions; allows users to streamline globally all of their production processes, with easy-to-manage workflows and task automation; the new software suite also allows users to connect all of their partners and vendors within a single production ecosystem, simplifying the sharing and managing of media assets; users can now manage all of the processes within the production environment — from editing through post and distribution — through one interface; the new Web-based interface, built on Microsoft Silverlight technology, allows for increased performance and greater security.
+33 4 67 59 08 07;www.netia.com
Stand: 1.A29

Fiber-optic monitoring device
Neutrik opticalCON powerMONITOR

A cost-saving, purpose-built measurement device for professional fiber-optic broadcast, audio and video applications; monitors the attenuation of up to four transmission channels simultaneously; informs on-air and at first sight about the fiber-optic quality status; simplifies troubleshooting work; programmable alarm signals control the power budget of the fiber-optic transmission lines at all times; as the user is supported with clear status info, potential problems can be identified early, and maintenance intervals can be optimized.
+423 237 2424;www.neutrik.com
Stand: 8.C94

KVM extenders
Guntermann & Drunck CATVision-MC

Product line includes the MC 2, MC 3 and MC 4 versions; each version consists of a computer module and a workstation module that are connected via Cat cables; both the computer module (sender) and the workstation module (receiver) allow the connection of a console or a KVM switch; the MC versions transmit the signals keyboard, mouse (PS/2 or USB) and video (analog) signals; transmission lengths are required corresponding to the number of video channels; can be optionally equipped with audio, RS-232 and transparent USB 1.1 transmission.
+49 2739 8901 333
Stand: 4.C56

DVB receiver
Screen Service XBT 704

DVB receiver with decoder functionality; specially designed for the switchover transition period; works in both analog and digital conditions (both RF and ASI inputs); in analog condition, it receives an RF input signal and delivers it through ouptus connectors; in digital condition, it receives an RF digital input signal and decodes the contents, extracts a program from the bouquet and delivers it into an ASI output signal; this ASI can be managed by an SDT transmitter series, which converts the ASI signal into an RF analog output signal; this signal then feeds a transposer.
+39 030 358 2225;www.screen.it
Stand: 8.C41

HDTV connector
LEMO Connectors 3K.93C

Complies fully with SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards for both signal and cable; hybrid connector has a compact design with two single-mode fiber contacts, two power contacts and two signal contacts for HD camera interconnection systems.
+31 251 257820;www.lemo.com
Stand: 11.C45, OE106

DSP monitoring system
Genelec 8260A

A three-way DSP system that features MDC Minimum Diffraction Coaxial Mid/High driver technology; the coaxial driver design provides more accurate imaging and improved sound quality both on the acoustical axis as well as off-axis; smooth frequency response leads to clarity and definition of the inner details of the music; combines a coaxial driver (MDC) with a modern waveguide technology (DCW), ensuring drivers to couple coherently over their full operating bandwidth, as well as creating coincident midfrequency/high frequency point source.
+358 17 813 311;www.genelec.com
Stand: 8.D61

Mobile video broadcasting solution
Streambox Avenir

Designed for field newsgathering, sports broadcasting and other mobile live and file-based video applications; the hardware-based encoder offers up to eight 3G/4G bonded wireless network air cards for high-quality HD or SD in a fully portable form factor, enabling live or file-based video acquisition over a variety of low-data-rate networks; the battery-operated mobile encoder allows reporters to file HD/SD live and file-based video content over a variety of IP networks, replacing traditional SNG/DNG systems.
+1 206 956 0544;www.streambox.com
Stand: 7.J49

Bend-tolerant cable
Optical Cable High-Density Bend-Tolerant Cable

Designed for use in truck, LAN, data center, 40/100GigE and other applications where small size, light weight and small bend radii are needed; increases capacity in tray systems, improves cable management, increases cooling efficiency and reduces cost for under-raised-floor cabling systems; offers negligible loss; exceeds ITU-T-G.657.A2 standards for bending performance; has a tighter bend performance than many similar products.
+1 540 265 0690;www.occfiber.com
Stand: 3.A36

Stereoscopic 3-D monitor
Marshall Electronics 3D-241-HDSDI

24in 1920 x 1200 LCD monitor is designed for professional 3-D applications; delivers natural, flicker-free 3-D images by adopting a circular polarizing filter method when used with battery-free glasses; the circular polarizing system employs a 3-D optical filter applied to the surface of a flat-panel display; four HD-SDI inputs allow the ability to monitor two 3-D (right eye/left eye) HD-SDI signals; by using circular polarized glasses, users can simultaneously view multiple 3-D monitors in a production or multimedia environment.
+1 310 333 0606;www.lcdracks.com
Stand: 11.D20

Cable connectors
Radio Frequency Systems HELIFLEX Lite

Designed for high-power HELIFLEX cable family; offer mechanical integrity, extremely low loss and attractive price/performance ratio; provide long-life performance; available in 7/8in through 6-1/8in EIA sizes.
+49 511 676 3282;www.rfsworld.com
Stand: 8.B34

HD 3-D solid-state camcorder
Panasonic AG-3DA1

Equipped with dual lenses and two full 1920 x 1080 2.07 megapixel 3MOS imagers to record 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) and 720/60p and 50p in AVCHD; can record for up to 108 minutes on dual 32GB SD cards in AVCHD PH mode; offers professional interfaces, including dual HD-SDI out, HDMI (version 1.4), two XLR connectors, built-in stereo microphone and twin-lens camera remotes.
+49 40 8549 2212
www.panasonic-broadcast.comStand: 11.E60

Master control switcher
Miranda Imagestore-Modular+

Provides low-cost, high-performance master control switching and channel branding with clip/animation playout; includes Miranda's Vertigo After Effects plug-in and Vertigo Xplorer graphics tools.
+44 1491 820000;www.miranda.com
Stand: 8.B80

Grass Valley ViBE EM1000/EM2000

Now support MPEG-2/4 compressed input, providing the ability to re-encode signals received on ASI or IP; designed to give broadcasters the ability to reduce infrastructure costs on the path to a full IP architecture, with no compromise on picture quality; offer built-in DVB subtitle transcoding capabilities.
+33 1 3490 3100;www.grassvalley.com
Stand: 1.D11

Note: Stand numbers are provided by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.