Holophone, Rycote collaborate on windscreens

Holophone and Rycote have teamed up to develop windscreen systems for Holophone’s entire line of surround microphones, including the H2-Pro, H3-D and H4 SuperMini. Available in both standalone fuzzy and fuzzy/windscreen pairs, the Rycote windshield systems provide 10dB-12dB extra protection for Holophone’s surround microphones over a standard windshield, resulting in a clear audio recording even in the harshest of location environments. The windscreens are made from specially designed and manufactured screening materials that offer virtually no adverse effect on sound level or quality.

All the new windscreens will be sold through Holophone and its dealer network. All models feature a drawstring and toggle to ensure a snug fit. For optimal sound quality, Holophone recommends that the fuzzy shield be used in conjunction with the windscreen.

For more information, visit www.holophone.com.