Holkirk to unveil production version of LMT1200 flyaway

The LMT1200 QuickLink breaks into five airline-checkable cases
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Field assembly of the LMT1200 requires no tools.

Holkirk Communications will introduce the production version of the LMT1200 QuickLink flyaway, at NAB2005.

The uplink system’s 1.2m carbon fiber antenna is composed of four sections for compact packaging. The system can be stowed in five airline-checkable flight cases. Once on site, assembly and set up are fast so the link can quickly be brought into operation.

Set up requires no tools. The system includes a compact test and measurement package for handling baseband video and audio as well as satellite acquisition and tracking. This provides real-time control for the motorized antenna as well as monitoring.

For more information, visit booth C11746 or go to www.holkirk.com.

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