HDTV to ‘Lift Off’ at IBC2006

IBC2006 will delve into high-definition technology and the issues broadcasters are confronting in their quest to make it a reality for viewers Friday, Sept. 8, when the conference officially shifts its focus to HDTV.

The theme of the day will be “HDTV Lift-Off,” a look at the factors that are driving the consumer uptake of high definition into their homes and technology issues with which broadcasters must grapple in an HDTV world.
Among the topics to be explored are:

  • The inevitability of HD and its timeline.
  • Ways to make the changeover and its cost.
  • HD production and distribution issues.
  • Delivery of HD to the home.
  • High-definition standards and formats.
  • The direction and work of industry groups in HDTV.

To fulfill its goal, IBC2006 will offer a variety of sessions devoted to high definition. They will include:

  • The Content Challenge: a look at the way HD is changing the production of sports, drama, news and entertainment.
  • Sport – Viewers have never had it so good: Technicians and producers talk about their HD experience and goals related to the Turin Winter Olympics, the World Cup and Beijing Olympics.
  • HDTV – The Business Challenge: an examination of HD business plans for satellite, terrestrial, cable, pay TV and free-to-air TV success.
  • HDTV – The Technology Challenge: an exploration of the finer details of the technology making HD a reality, including bit rates, recording HD, multichannel sound and display technology.
  • IBC High Definition Theater: a screening of HD content.

For more information, visit: www.ibc.org.