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HD Tools Coming to New York

Technology companies are showing their latest in HD equipment at HD World in New York, Oct. 15-16.

* * *

For-A will demonstrate its MV-1610 HS 16-input multiviewer, the MV-410HS quad multiviewer, the HVS-1500HS Hanabi 1.5 M/E switcher, and the FRC-7000 frame rate converter.

For-A MV-1610 HS multiviewer

The MV-1610HS supports mixed input of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog composite signals. It also provides high-resolution video output using a DVI, and support for user-created patterns and video transfer over a LAN connection. The viewer can be set to divide the screen in various combinations. The MV-1610 also includes a layout editor which allows the user to make any changes to split-screen patterns from a computer.

The MV-410HS is a four-input multi-viewer supporting mixed input of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog composite signals, with high-resolution video output using a DVI terminal.

The HVS-1500HS switcher offers three types of control panels: 16-button, 24-button, and rackmountable 12-button versions. It comes with a 3D DVE with polygonal-based effects, in which video can be wrapped around 3D shapes.

For-A will also bring its FRC-7000 frame rate converter. It's been used for international feeds of major sporting and entertainment events such as the World Championships International Ice Hockey Federation, the Concert for Diana and Live Earth, and for converting filmed content for HDTV broadcast.

It uses vector motion compensation processing to analyze and determine the pixel movement in each image frame. Advanced scene cut detection automatically detects scene changes and turns off motion compensation processing, so that it does not affect the scenes before and after the frames being converted.

Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM * * *

(From HD Notebook)

Fujinon plans to show its latest line of HD lenses for the ENG environment at HD World Expo, as local broadcasters begin to build out their respective digital newsgathering and sports coverage in the field. The expo is Oct. 15-16 in New York City.

Fujinon (Booth #1146) will roll out the ZA line in its HD Select Series, including a 2/3-inch HD ENG camera consisting of three lenses: ZA22x7.6BERM HD telephoto ENG lens; ZA17x7.6BERM HD standard ENG lens; and ZA12x4.5BERM HD wide-angle ENG lens. The ZA series was first introduced at NAB2008 last spring and this will be its first major East Coast unveiling, said Fujinon.

The ZA22x7.6BERM has 22 times magnification, a 7.6 focal length (at the wide end) and 167mm focal length (at the telephoto end). A 2x extender is incorporated for extreme telephoto shots. The lens weighs 1.75 kg and measures 100x222.6 mm.

* * *

A Ventura module Network Electronics will demonstrate its recently launched JPEG 2000 encoder and decoder. in Booth 944 at HD World. The JPEG 2000 VS901-TE-27 encoder and VS901-TD-27 decoder are modules in the company's Ventura range of products for the compression, transmission and transport of HD signals.

The new encoder and decoder offer high-quality JPEG 2000 compression of HD-SDI signals, qualifying them for transport over 270 Mbps networks. These modules also allow HD to be stored on SDI servers and tape decks and to map HD into SONET/SDH and IP networks using Network Electronics/VPG's VS811 cards.

The modules offer artifact-free compression and multiplex audio into the transport stream, either pre-embedded into the HD-SDI signal or by locally embedding from AES interfaces on the encoder.


RF Central is showing itsRFX-PHT-II HD upgradeable portable 2 GHz digital transmitter. Utilizing RF Central's signature RFX-CMT-II camera-mounted transmitter, the PHT-II is designed to turn any "news car" into a "live broadcast car" and transform any "run and shoot" vehicle into a "run and transmit" vehicle, the company says.

Built inside a weather-resistant portable case, the HD upgradeable portable high-power digital transmitter is offered with 5 watt power output standard, but is also available at other output levels (including 7 watt). Ready for ENG mobile use in the field, it is also useful in a standalone mode for temporary transmit applications. Among its accessible formats are 480i, 720p and 1080i. In addition, the unit can be configured to accept either composite or component analog video, HD/SDI digital signals and also has an ASI input. It handles analog, digital AES and fully embedded audio.

It has frequency selection ranging up to 16 pre-set channels that tune in 0.25 MHz increments via the CMT-II control panel, and it offers multiple modes of COFDM modulation including QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM.