HBS introduces new graphical analytics tools

Host Broadcast Services (HBS) will introduce virtual offside line graphics to the main international broadcast feed of the 2010 World Cup. This graphic overlay will be managed using Epsio, a new EVS software tool that allows LSM operators to manually trigger the offside line with the jog wheel of the LSM remote. There will be one EPSIO in the outside broadcast facility at each venue and two within the international broadcast center.

According to Luc Doneux, EVS Asia-Pacific general manager and head of event projects, “Epsio is able to instantly and automatically recognize the playing field during actions and virtually draw the offside line along the borders of the playing field. This one-second operation is selectable with just one button.”

In addition, the host feed will be integrated with Deltratre’s new statistical analytics software MAGMA Pro, powered by Piero. HBS production teams will be able to replay pictures integrated with Magma Pro data from the FIFA Max server to create analysis of key moments such as goals and the position of every player on the pitch.

MAGMA (Match Analysis Graphics Machine) identifies patterns and categorizes and grades them. Producers can search the database to find the key moments and preview relevant clips from their desktop. The data can be output as statistics on-screen or can be fused with the clips and pushed to Piero, which automatically adds the virtual graphics effects.

“Audiences are beginning to demand depth of information to enhance their TV experience,” said Davide Bricarelli, MAGMA product manager for Deltatre. “We have found the way to exploit the incredible amount of data we track with MAGMA in order to improve the audience’s understanding.”

Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington is a journalist specialising in film and TV production. His work has appeared in The Guardian, RTS Television, Variety, British Cinematographer, Premiere and The Hollywood Reporter. Adrian has edited several publications, co-written a book on stereoscopic 3D and is copywriter of marketing materials for the industry. Follow him @pennington1