now available on Comcast and Verizon’s FiOS

HBO is moving its new Web-based programming service from beta to launch for subscribers on cable and telco platforms. Others will be blocked from online viewing.

Verizon FiOs TV will provide access to Subscribers will receive over 600 hours of programming, from any place in the United States Customers can access that same programming via Comcast’s Fancast product, though Comcast subscribers will see HBO’s own interface at the Web site,

The idea is that the initiative gives pay television subscribers more options to watch content online. HBO views the experiment as an enhanced version of its HBO On Demand service with more content available.

As more viewers “cut the cord” to cable and begin viewing television online, pay television outlets are attempting to make their content available online. To restrict the viewing to subscribers only, they are using passwords. So far, HBO is protecting the cable industry by not allowing HBO-only online subscriptions.

It’s unknown how long it will take before HBO breaks away from the pay television industry and allows non-cable subscribers to pay only for HBO online services alone.