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Harris to unveil DL-860 HD, SD serial digital legalizer

Harris will debut the DL-860 high-definition and standard-definition serial digital legalizer, which eliminates the guesswork from legalizing HD and SD signals, at NAB2006.

Broadcast and production professionals use video legalizers to conform the incoming video signal to industry-defined "legal" limited ranges. This is particularly important when converting video between formats that have differently defined color spaces and when applying signal processing to modify the video, which could push it beyond "legal" limits.

The digital legalizer expands upon the features of the DL-850HD serial digital legalizer, providing support for standard-definition as well as high-definition input signals.

It accepts all popular HD and SD formats with complete flexibility for legalizing HDI-SDI or SD-SDI signals. The DL-860 output format tracks the input format, and the signal can be legalized to HD, SD, RGB and/or encoded color space. CRC values are monitored and recalculated to ensure proper output values. Input equalization added to the incoming video is displayed on the front panel.

See Harris at NAB2006 in booth SU2929, or visit

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