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Harris selects Quintech technology for military’s next-generation satellite communications platform

Harris is working with the U.S. Department of Defense to upgrade the military’s global military satellite communications platform with a series of next-generation video switches and amplifiers from Quintech Electronics. The deal is part of a multiyear Modernization of Enterprise Terminal (MET) contract worth $820 million.

As the prime contractor, Harris will install of dozens of RSS 0070 switches, SRR 2150 switches and AMP2150 amplifiers made by Quintech.

The MET program is going to replace as many as 80 existing AN/GSC-52, GSC-39, FSC-78 satellite communications terminals around the world with the new dual simultaneous X/Kaband operation terminals. These terminals will work with the new Wideband Global Satellite constellation as well as legacy satellite systems.

Supporting teleport and standardized tactical entry points across the globe, the new technology will include a range of transportable 7.2m antennas as well as a fixed, 12.2-m antenna that provides full electromagnetic pulse protection.

Quintech engineers have worked closely with Harris to develop solutions that meet the specific needs of the project.

Quintech designs and manufactures proprietary hardware solutions (DC to 40GHz) to facilitate RF signal management for satellite uplink and downlink applications in satellite teleports, cable HFC headends, broadcast, wireless and military telecommunications networks. Quintech specializes in commercial-grade RF/microwave products for broadband cable, satellite L-band and intermediate frequency.

The Quintech product line includes rackmount RF matrix switches, routers, splitters, combiners, frequency converters, relay switches, redundancy switches, line amplifiers and DC powering products for broadband, L-band and intermediate frequency applications.