Harris Gets Order to Ship Air Client 2.1 at IBC

At IBC2004, Harris received its first order for Air Client 2.1, a toolset for play-to-air capabilities for the company's ADC025 and ADC-100 automation systems. The Air Client 2.1 enables broadcasters to import, edit and create lists right before events air.

The Broadcast Presentation Manager (BPM) also had its debut at IBC. BPM products include Air Manager, Schedule Manager and Resource Management. In addition, Harris demonstrated its asset management toolset, Invenio, at the European show.

Bridging automation and media asset management (MAM) is the Media Mover, was also featured at IBC, as was a demonstration of enhancements made to Harris' NetVX DVB- and ATSC-compatible networking platform.

Harris also debuted enhancements made to its Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Real-Time Protocol (RTP) video networking products.