Harris Emphasizes Multiplatform Distribution

MELBOURNE, FLA.—In the multi-platform distribution era, broadcasters are facing the challenge of adapting their content for viewing on everything from stereo 3DTVs to four-inch mobile phone screens. At the 2011 NAB show, Harris Broadcast Communications will show solutions that enable broadcasters to meet the demands of a multichannel, multiplatform world by expanding the capabilities of their existing infrastructures. While the word "solutions" is probably the biggest buzzword at NAB-time, Harris will showcase its products working seamlessly within integrated workflows that provide an end-to-end solution to pressing broadcast problems.


Harris transmission products will be shown working together in a reliable Harris MPH mobile DTV workflow. The Harris Synchrony MNA—in conjunction with the Apex M2X exciter—enables a terrestrial or mobile transmission network with several transmitters to be run as a single, synchronous network.

"As part of our MPH exhibit, we'll be showing broadcasters how they can set up single frequency networks, or SFNs, to augment their mobile DTV coverage cost-effectively," said Richard Redmond, vice president of product management and strategy for Harris Broadcast Communications. "SFNs provide targeted fill around the coverage area to ensure that mobile receivers get a strong signal despite tall buildings, mountain ridges, or other obstructions in the path."

Harris and LG also plan to demonstrate live Mobile DTV transmission of stereo 3D content for viewing on LG tablet PCs without the need for special 3D glasses.


Harris will also introduce the Maxiva UAX compact class of air-cooled UHF solid-state transmitter, supporting all major broadcast standards and providing up to 2 kW of power.

"Compact Maxiva UAX transmitters can serve as SFN transmitters, translators, or gap fillers," Redmond said. "Instead of having to send signals over microwave or fiber to the transmitter site, these transmitters have special circuitry for echo cancellation so they pick up signals off air and rebroadcast them without feedback on the same channel."

Harris is also introducing compact, weatherproof outdoor transmission enclosures to protect low power and SFN transmitter equipment situated in non-traditional locations. Made of steel or aluminum, these enclosures offer HVAC climate control, electrical power, and other RF systems.

Visitors will see the Harris PowerSmart logo on many transmission products, indicating they are designed for energy efficiency and to drive down the total cost of ownership; as well as a next-generation Harris Multi-System Controller (MSC) to extend transmitter redundancy and power range.


The continued convergence of baseband and broadband signals within Harris' customers' facilities is driving their requirements towards more powerful hybrid signal measurement tools, according to Paul Eisner, vice president, engineering and product line management for , Harris. "These requirements are driving the Harris workflow, infrastructure and networking solutions showcased at NAB," he said.

To address these requirements, Harris is marking the North American debut of Selenio, a media convergence platform combining traditional, multichannel baseband video and audio processing, as well as compression and IP networking. Selenio is targeted at fixed/mobile production environments and broadcast facilities; as well as cable, satellite, IPTV and digital terrestrial redistribution headends. Selenio enhances the company's MPH Mobile DTV solution, increasing encoding quality and system redundancy while also improving the quality of 5.1-to-stereo audio downmixing.

The new HView IP multiformat broadband multiviewer and HView SX Hybrid multiviewer will address baseband and broadband convergence in signal monitoring. The HView SX Hybrid multiviewer, which handles both baseband and broadband signals, is integrated within the Harris Platinum router, and it's one of several new input/output products for Platinum simplifying overall facility signal management.

Harris will also show a loudness management solution for processing, analysis and logging, as well as enhancements for Harris Videotek TVM multiformat signal analyzers and VTM multiformat onscreen monitors. All products support the ITU-R BS.1770 standard.

The company also plans new product introductions to its Nexio servers and storage solutions, including the Nexio Farad online storage system for large-scale ingest editing and play-out for production, sports, news and live events.


Harris is enabling new opportunities for media businesses with software to support nonlinear content delivery and targeted advertising. A demonstration of multiplatform content management in an integrated environment will showcase Harris Invenio asset management and ADC automation controlling content preparation and delivery workflows for linear and non-linear media. The option to integrate cloud-based storage and functionality will also be demonstrated.

Monetization of this time-shifted, nonlinear world will be addressed by a new Harris advanced advertising module. "Harris is providing new products that help our customers move into the nonlinear world of Web-based streaming and video on demand, while respecting the traditional viewing model, so they can sell and monetize content and derive value from an integrated infrastructure," said John Patrick, managing director of North American Media for Harris Broadcast. "We'll be introducing a new Campaign Manager module for all targeted advertising sales and traffic systems that manages advertising inventory, sales, and traffic for both linear and time-shifted media from a single unified software platform."

Campaign Manager expands the capabilities of Harris OSi traffic for broadcast and Novar, the traffic and billing system for the cable industry. There's also a new business intelligence module called NetGain that gives OSi and Novar users powerful tools for gathering data and analyzing sales performance from within the OSi and Novar environments. OSi customer Belo Corporation is among the first U.S. users of NetGain.

Harris will be in Booth #N2502.

Claudia Kienzle