Harris delivers traffic and billing system to Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell, an integrated communications services provider, has integrated the Harris Novar traffic and billing system into its daily business operation.

The Novar family of traffic and billing solutions replaces a legacy analog system that required three operators to perform multiple tasks for nine channels. Since upgrading to Novar, Cincinnati Bell has tripled its capacity and maximized its staff use, requiring just one operator to manage traffic and billing for 27 channels. Cincinnati Bell is using the Novar system to manage advertising on its Fioptics TV service.

Designed specifically for the broadband industry, the Novar suite offers a comprehensive set of tools to schedule and insert ads, reconcile logs and invoice customers via efficient, paperless operation.

Brian Duerring, director of advertising sales and operations for Cincinnati Bell, said the Novar platform has helped it perform a multitude of administration tasks with less staff and time. And by using Novar, they are able to make the business process more convenient for its advertisers and networks.

Novar will also enable Cincinnati Bell to dramatically expand its geotargeting for localized advertising and billing, perhaps down to the zone. The company currently breaks its traffic and billing operation into two zones (north of Cincinnati and Cincinnati/northern Kentucky), and to better serve its customers, would ultimately like to expand its targeting capabilities to zip code level, potentially between 50 and 60 different zones for the best possible targeted advertising in the region.