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Harris and TC Electronic develop audio loudness analyzer

The announcement comes as Congress considers legislation to reduce volume level variations between programs and advertisements. Harris first collaborated with broadcast/pro audio innovator TC Electronic two years ago when Harris unveiled loudness monitoring technology in its Videotek QuiC media analysis server.

This year, the collaboration has produced the Harris Videotek CMN-LA loudness analyzer, a comprehensive audio measurement instrument made for content producers and distributors seeking to verify program integrity.

The CMN-LA loudness analyzer is built into the same chassis as the Videotek Compact Monitor series of video and audio waveform monitor/vectorscopes. It incorporates the TC Electronic-created radar display, which shows loudness on short-terms meters, graphs covering periods from one minute to 24 hours, and numeric display of the long-term center of gravity (average loudness) and consistency (loudness range).

The CMN-LA loudness analyzer provides a variety of metering, metadata readout, alarming and data logging about the audio content under analysis. Integrated within the Compact Monitor, the loudness analyzer’s short depth makes it ideal in a quality control monitoring rack or on the meter bridge of an audio console.