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Harmonic unveils ChannelPort channel playout device

Harmonic has unveiled its ChannelPort integrated channel playout device for Spectrum media server systems. Combining channel branding and master control switching with clip playout on a trusted media server platform, the modular ChannelPort enables broadcasters, content owners and service providers to speed the cost-effective deployment of new television channels through a simple incremental upgrade to their existing Spectrum architecture.

ChannelPort is a next-generation branded playout solution that combines clip playout functionality with critical channel-branding capabilities to simplify integration and workflow, lower equipment purchase expenditures, and reduce maintenance and operations costs. Because modules fit seamlessly into existing Spectrum media server systems and can be added incrementally at a competitive price, broadcasters can extend their channel line-ups quickly. Support for a broad range of automation systems offers users the freedom to work with an existing solution — or choose a new one that's best for their workflows.

Support for standard tools such as Adobe Creative Suite ensures compatibility with all standard graphical formats, as well as familiar operation for broadcast graphics designers, who can author on-air templates directly in Adobe Flash Professional. Like other Spectrum media server products, ChannelPort supports industry-standard video formats and wrappers.

ChannelPort is available in three configurations: as a stand-alone half-RU device that adds branding capabilities to a Spectrum system; integrated in a MediaDeck 7000 chassis to function as a stand-alone branding server; and integrated in either a MediaPort 7000 or MediaDeck 7000 chassis to function with both those devices as a stand-alone branding server with media ingest capabilities.